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Our Pet Care Plan (PCP) allows you to spread the cost of caring for your pet throughout the yer. It covers your pet for all their basic health care needs, including preventative treatments and expert advice, giving you complete peace of mind.


The PCP provides regular veterinary health checks, advice, support, and treatment planning to help prevent problems arising with your pet in the future.


The cost of maintaining the general health of your pet is divided throughout the year into monthly DD payments. PCP registration will also qualify you for additional discounts on other items and services in the practice.

• Full clinical examinations twice a year

• General health examination (Eyes-Ears-Weight-      Skin-Teeth)

• Annual vaccinations

• Worming treatments

• Microchip

• Dietary advice

• Flea treatments (sufficient for 12 months)

The comprehensive PCP gives you:

To join the PCP simply fill out the Pet Care Plan agreement form available from the practice.


For further information, or if you have any queries, please ask a member of our team who will be happy to assist you.

Joining the PCP

The Pet Care Plan

For quality veterinary services provided by The Pet Care Plan, contact A.P. Lee Ltd today on

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